Sometimes the best idea is the simplest.

Let’s talk about why we invented the FARMD-Bar System™. One of the issues that affects customer trust and satisfaction most are sump pump false alarms. This is typically caused by flotation error. As a result of both air and water movement within the sump chamber, floats often get tangled due to rotation—triggering an alarm notification to the home or business owner. Even with weighted floats, rotation is a common problem particularly on installations with a float tether length of over 6 feet.

Having the float bracket installed deep in the pump chamber reduces the likelihood of floats tangling, but expensive confined space entry combined with annual training costs and equipment make this a poor option.

Let’s make it easy.

To make things simpler, installers began installing float brackets so technicians could easily lift the floats out of the chamber to test system operations. But the problem with this longer tether meant the floats began to move excessively and unpredictably, causing even more false alarms.

FARMD-BAR SYSTEM™ Sometimes The Best Idea Is The Simplest.

Enter the FARMD-Bar System™

Our patent pending design eliminates float tangling and rotation while maintaining ease of installation, testing and servicing. The Float Anti-Rotation & Movement Device was created specifically as a long-term solution to prevent Sump Pump false alarms.

Utilizing a flat or angled version, the FARMD-Bar System™ can accommodate 3, 4, or 6 floats for when you’re retrofitting an existing Sump Pump or installing a brand-new package.

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Float Anti-Rotation & Movement Device
FARMD-Bar System